Jericoacoara tourist information

Jericoacoara tourist information

JERICOACOARA is almost 300 km from Fortaleza and is reachable with an off-road vehicle, because the last kilometers pass between the dunes and the seashore. The trip is around 4 hours. The destination can also be reached with a bus line, with remarkably longer travel times.

JERICOACOARA is part of a permanent Environmental Protection Area which guarantees its primitive, original conditions.

Besides WIND SURFING, Kite surfing, Surfing and Capoeira classes on the beach, you can: play Beach volleyball, paddle-ball, soccer, beach soccer, take out canoes, ride horses, sand board, and take quad and dune buggy trips to get to other splendid lagoons in the area. For a VACATION of relaxation for body and soul, at sunrise there are courses of energetic reawakening and yoga on the beach.

The hour of Caipirinha kicks off at dusk, so good that you risk exaggerating, tasting it among numerous bars. The night continues where the music takes you, just follow the rhythm; there is a party everywhere, from midnight to dawn. The night ends dreaming in front of the “DUNAS ACESAS”. The final stop is the “padaria” offering hot cheese bread and coffee.

Everyone knows that at Jeri you just need to be a little open, and in only a few days you feel at home.
Appreciating the friendliness of the people, the hospitality of the POUSADAS and the serenity of the atmosphere, when the time comes to return from the VACATION, you will understand the meaning of the word “saudade”.